Engine Manufacturer: Continental, Franklin, Lycoming

Price: $1,200.00

Engine Preheat Kit – 6 Cyl; Continental, Lycoming, and Franklin (STC) – 115V

STC Engine Preheat Kit for 6 Cylinder Continental, Lycoming, and Franklin
FAA-STC: # SE03309CH
acceptance of FAA-STC on file.
EASA-STC: # 10054433

This preheat kit contains threaded heat elements located in each cylinder assembly, (intake bolt or rocker cover screw replacement) and two pad heat elements for the engine crankcase/oil sump/oil tank. This multipoint configuration fully preheats the engine and attached accessories. Power is routed to the elements through a dedicated wiring assembly with LED system power indication and circuit overload protection standard. The system is self-regulating through design. Heated components reach an average state of thermal equilibrium in approximately six hours.  Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or Why Tanis or Contact us for additional information.

This preheat kit is compatible with all engine monitor systems as the threaded heat elements can replace either a rocker cover screw or intake bolt fasteners.

This preheat kit when installed will supply 460 watts with a 4.0 amp draw at 115 volts.

* Required Bonding sealant sold separately. Quantity 1, PN: TU02788

Contact us for more information on Legacy systems that may be available.

“Not eligible for Rotorwing aircraft (helicopters).”

Cylinder Piston/Radial



C-115-1, C-115-2, C-125-1, C-125-2. A100-1, A100-2. E165-2, E165-3, E165-4, E185-1, E185-2, E185-3(O-470-7, O-470-7A), E185-5, E185-8, E185-9 (O-470-7B), E185-10, E185-11. C145-2, C145-2H, C145-2HP, O-300-A, O-300-B, O-300-C, O-300-D, O-300-E. E225-2, E225-4, E225-8, E225-9.O-470-4, O-470-11, O-470-11B, O-470-11-CI, O-470-11B-CI, O-470-13, O-470-13A, O-470-15. O-470-A, O-470-B, O-470-E, O-470-G, O-470-H, O-470-J, O-470-K, O-470-L, O-470-M, O-470-N, O-470-P, O-470-R, O-470-S, O-470-T, O-470-U, O-470-B-CI, O-470-G-CI, O-470-K-CI, O-470-L-CI, O-470-M-CI, IO-470-A, IO-470-C. FSO-470-A, O-470-2. FSO-526A (O-525-1), FSO-526-C. GO-300-A, GO-300-B, GO-300-C, GO-300-D, GO-300-E, GO-300-F. GSO-526-A. 6-260-A. 6-285-A, 6-285-B, 6-285-BA, 6-285-C, 6-285-CA. RR O-300-A, RR O-300-B, RR O-300-C, RR O-300-D. IO-360-A, IO-360-B, IO-360-C, IO-360-D, IO-360-E, IO-360-G, IO-360-H, IO-360-J, IO-360-K, IO-360-AB, IO-360-DB, IO-360-GB, IO-360-HB, IO-360-JB, IO-360-KB, IO-360-ES. GIO-470-A. IO-346-A, IO-346-B. IO-520-A, IO-520-B, IO-520-BA, IO-520-BB, IO-520-C, IO-520-CB, IO-520-D, IO-520-E, IO-520-F, IO-520-J, IO-520-K, IO-520-L, IO-520-M, IO-520-MB,IO-520-N, IO-520-NB, L/IO-520-P. GTSIO-520-C, GTSIO-520-D, GTSIO-520-E, GTSIO-520-F, GTSIO-520-H, GTSIO-520-K, GTSIO-520-L, GTSIO-520-M, GTSIO-520-N. TSIO-520-A, TSIO-520-B, TSIO-520-C, TSIO-520-D, TSIO-520-E, TSIO-520-G, TSIO-520-H, TSIO-520-J, TSIO-520-K, TSIO-520-L, TSIO-520-M, TSIO-520-N, TSIO-520-P, TSIO-520-R, TSIO-520-BB, TSIO-520-DB, TSIO-520-EB, TSIO-520-JB, TSIO-520-KB, TSIO-520-LB, TSIO-520-NB, TSIO-520-T, TSIO-520-U, TSIO-520-UB, TSIO-520-VB, TSIO-520-WB, TSIO-520-AE, TSIO-520-AF, LTSIO-520-AE, TSIO-520-BE, TSIO-520-CE. TSIO-360-A, TSIO-360-AB, TSIO-360-B, TSIO-360-C, TSIO-360-CB, TSIO-360-D, TSIO-360-DB, TSIO-360-E, TSIO-360-F, TSIO-360-G, TSIO-360-GB, TSIO-360-H, TSIO-360-HB, TSIO-360-EB, TSIO-360-FB, TSIO-360-JB, TSIO-360-KB, TSIO-360-LB, TSIO-360-BB, TSIO-360-MB, TSIO-360-NB, TSIO-360-PB, TSIO-360-RB, TSIO-360-SB, LTSIO-360-E, LTSIO-360-EB, LTSIO-360-KB, LTSIO-360-RB. IO-470-D, IO-470-E, IO-470-F, IO-470-G, IO-470-H, IO-470-J, IO-470-K, IO-470-L, IO-470-LO, IO-470-M, IO-470-N, IO-470-P, IO-470-R, IO-470-S, IO-470-T, IO-470-U, IO-470-V, IO-470-VO, L/IO-470-A. TSIO-470-B, TSIO-470-C, TSIO-470-D. 6-320-B. T6-320-A. IO-550-A, IO-550-B, IO-550-C, IO-550-D, IO-550-E, IO-550-F, IO-550-G, IO-550-L, IO-550-N, IO-550-P, IO-50-R, IOF-550-B, IOF-550-C, IOF-550-D, IOF-550-E, IOF-550-F, IOF-550-L, IOF-550-N, IOF-550-P, IOF-550-R. TSIOL-550-A, TSIOL-550-B, TSIOL-550-C. TSIO-550-A, TSIO-550-B, TSIO-550-C, TSIO-550-E, TSIO-550-G, TSIO-550-K, TSIO-550-N, TSIOF-550-D, TSIOF-550-J, TSIOF-550-K, TSIOF-550-P. legacy system
O-435, O-435-A, O-435-A2, O-435-B (O-435-5), O-435-C (O-435-1), O-435-C1 (O-435-11), O-435-C2 (O-435-13), O-435-K, O-435-K1 (O-435-4), GO-435, GO-435-C2 (O-435-17), GO-435-C2A, GO-435-C2A2, GO-435-C2B, GO-435-C2B1, GO-435-C2B2, GO-435-C2C, GO-435-C2D, GO-435-C2E, GO-435-D1. GO-480, GO-480-A1A, GO-480-B, GO-480-B1, GO-480-B1A6, GO-480-B1B, GO-480-B1C, GO-480-B1D, GO-480-C1B6, GO-480-C1D6, GO-480-C2C6, GO-480-C2D6, GO-480-C2E6, GO-480-C3A6 GO-480-D1A, GO-480-E1A6, GO-480-F1A6, GO-480-F2A6, GO-480-F2D6, GO-480-F3A6, GO-480-F3B6, GO-480-F4A6, GO-480-F4B6, GO-480-F6, GO-480-G1A6, GO-480-G1B6, GO-480-G1D6, GO-480-G1H6, GO-480-G1J6, GO-480-G2D6, GO-480-G2F6, IGO-480-A1A6, IGO-480-A1B6. GSO-435-B, GSO-435-B2. GSO-480-A1A6, GSO-480-A1C6, GSO-480-A2A6, GSO-480-B1A6, GSO-480-B1B6, (O-480-1), GSO-480-B1C6, GSO-480-B1E6, GSO-480-B1F6, GSO-480-B1G6, GSO-480-B1J6, GSO-480-B2C6, GSO-480-B2D6, GSO-480-B1B3, GSO-480-B2G6, GSO-480-B2H6, IGSO-480-A1A6 (0-480-3), IGSO-480-A1B6, IGSO-480-A1C6, IGSO-480-A1D6, IGSO-480-A1E6, IGSO-480-A1F3, IGSO-480-A1F6, IGSO-480-A1G6. O-540-A1A, O-540-A1A5, O-540-A1B5, O-540-A1C5, O-540-A1D, O-540-A1D5, O-540-A2B, O-540-A3D5, O-540-A4A5, O-540-A4B5, O-540-A4C5, O-540-A4D5, O-540-A4E5, O-540-B1A5, O-540-B1B5, O-540-B1D5, O-540-B2A5, O-540-B2B5, O-540-B2C5, O-540-B4A5, O-540-B4B5, O-540-D1A5, O-540-E4A5, O-540-E4B5, O-540-E4C5, O-540-F1A5, O-540-F1B5, O-540-G1A5, O-540-G2A5, O-540-H1A5, O-540-H1A5D, O-540-H1B5D, O-540-H2A5, O-540-H2A5D, O-540-H2B5D, O-540-J1A5D, O-540-J1B5D, O-540-J1C5D, O-540-J1D5D, O-540-J2A5D, O-540-J2B5D, O-540-J2C5D, O-540-J2D5D, O-540-J3A5D, O-540-J3A5, O-540-J3C5D, O-540-L3C5D. IO-540-A1A5, IO-540-B1A5, IO-540-B1B5, IO-540-B1C5, IO-540-C1B5, IO-540-C1C5, IO-540-C2C, IO-540-C4B5, IO-540-C4B5D, IO-540-C4D5, IO-540-C4C5, IO-540-C4D5D, IO-540-D4A5, IO-540-D4B5, IO-540-D4C5, IO-540-E1A5, IO-540-E1B5, IO-540-E1C5, IO-540-G1A5, IO-540-G1B5, IO-540-G1C5, IO-540-G1D5, IO-540-G1E5, IO-540-G1F5, IO-540-J4A5, IO-540-K1A5, IO-540-K1A5D, IO-540-K1B5, IO-540-K1B5D, IO-540-K1C5, IO-540-K1D5, IO-540-K1E5, IO-540-K1E5D, IO-540-K1F5, IO-540-K1F5D, IO-540-K1G5, IO-540-K1G5D, IO-540-K1H5, IO-540-K1J5, IO-540-K1J5D, IO-540-K1K5, IO-540-K2A5, IO-540-L1A5, O-540-L1A5D, IO-540-L1B5D, IO-540-L1C5, IO-540-M1A5, IO-540-M1A5D, IO-540-M1B5D, IO-540-M1C5, IO-540-M2A5D, IO-540-N1A5, IO-540-P1A5, IO-540-R1A5, IO-540-S1A5, IO-540-T4A5D, IO-540-T4B5, IO-540-T4B5D, IO-540-T4C5D, IO-540-U1A5D, IO-540-U1B5D, IO-540-V4A5D,IO-540-V4A5, IO-540-W1A5, IO-540-W1A5D, IO-540-W3A5D, IO-540-AA1A5, IO-540-AA1B5, IO-540-AB1A5, IO-540-AC1A5, IO-540-AF1A5, IO-540-AG1A5, AEIO-540-D4A5, AEIO-540-D4B5, AEIO-540-D4C5, AEIO-540-D4D5, AEIO-540-L1B5D, AEIO-540-L1B5, AEIO-540-L1D5. IGSO-540-A1A, IGSO-540-A1C, IGSO-540-A1D, IGSO-540-A1E, IGSO-540-A1F, IGSO-540-A1H, IGSO-540-B1A, IGSO-540-B1C. IGO-540-A1A, IGO-540-A1B, IGO-540-A1C, IGO-540-B1A, IGO-540-B1B, IGO-540-B1C.TIO-541-A1A, TIO-541-E1A4, TIO-541-E1B4, TIO-541-E1C4, TIO-541-E1D4. TIO-540-A1A, TIO-540-A1B, TIO-540-A2A, TIO-540-A2B, TIO-540-A1C, TIO-540-A2C, TIO-540-C1A, TIO-540-E1A, TIO-540-F2BD, TIO-540-G1A, TIO-540-H1A, TIO-540-J2B, TIO-540-J2BD, TIO-540-K1AD, TIO-540-N2BD, TIO-540-R2AD, TIO-540-S1AD, TIO-540-T2AD, TIO-540-U2A, TIO-540-V2AD, TIO-540-W2A, TIO-540-AA1AD, TIO-540-AB1AD, TIO-540-AB1BD, TIO-540-AE2A, TIO-540-AF1A, TIO-540-AF1B, TIO-540-AG1A, TIO-540-AH1A, TIO-540-AJ1A, TIO-540-AK1A, LTIO-540-F2BD, LTIO-540-J2B, LTIO-540-J2BD, LTIO-540-K1AD, LTIO-540-N2BD, LTIO-540-R2AD, LTIO-540-U2A, LTIO-540-V2AD, LTIO-540-W2A. TIGO-541-B1A, TIGO-541-C1A, TIGO-541-D1A, TIGO-541-D1B, TIGO-541-E1A, TIGO-541-G1AD. IO-580-A1A, IO-580-B1A, AEIO-580-B1A.
6A4-150-B3, 6A4-150-B4, 6A4-150-B31, 6A4-165-B3, 6A4-165-B4, 6A4-165-B6, 6A4-200-C6. 6A8-215-B8F, 6A8-215-B9F. 6A-335-A, 6A-335-B, 6A-335-B1A, 6A-335-D, 6A-335-B1. 6AS-335-A, 6AS-335-B. 6A-350-C1, 6A-350-C1A, 6A-350-C2, 6A-350-D, 6A-350-D1, 6A-350-D1A, 6A-350-D1B, 6A-350-C2A, 6A-350-C1R,
6A-350-C1L. 6AS-350-A, 6AS-350-A1.

C1151, C1152, C1251, C1252. A1001, A1002. E1652, E1653, E1654, E1851, E1852, E1853(O4707, O4707A), E1855, E1858, E1859 (O4707B), E18510, E18511. C1452, C1452H, C1452HP, O300A, O300B, O300C, O300D, O300E. E2252, E2254, E2258, E2259.O4704, O47011, O47011B, O47011CI, O47011BCI, O47013, O47013A, O47015. O470A, O470B, O470E, O470G, O470H, O470J, O470K, O470L, O470M, O470N, O470P, O470R, O470S, O470T, O470U, O470BCI, O470GCI, O470KCI, O470LCI, O470MCI, IO470A, IO470C. FSO470A, O4702. FSO526A (O5251), FSO526C. GO300A, GO300B, GO300C, GO300D, GO300E, GO300F. GSO526A. 6260A. 6285A, 6285B, 6285BA, 6285C, 6285CA. RR O300A, RR O300B, RR O300C, RR O300D. IO360A, IO360B, IO360C, IO360D, IO360E, IO360G, IO360H, IO360J, IO360K, IO360AB, IO360DB, IO360GB, IO360HB, IO360JB, IO360KB, IO360ES. GIO470A. IO346A, IO346B. IO520A, IO520B, IO520BA, IO520BB, IO520C, IO520CB, IO520D, IO520E, IO520F, IO520J, IO520K, IO520L, IO520M, IO520MB,IO520N, IO520NB, L/IO520P. GTSIO520C, GTSIO520D, GTSIO520E, GTSIO520F, GTSIO520H, GTSIO520K, GTSIO520L, GTSIO520M, GTSIO520N. TSIO520A, TSIO520B, TSIO520C, TSIO520D, TSIO520E, TSIO520G, TSIO520H, TSIO520J, TSIO520K, TSIO520L, TSIO520M, TSIO520N, TSIO520P, TSIO520R, TSIO520BB, TSIO520DB, TSIO520EB, TSIO520JB, TSIO520KB, TSIO520LB, TSIO520NB, TSIO520T, TSIO520U, TSIO520UB, TSIO520VB, TSIO520WB, TSIO520AE, TSIO520AF, LTSIO520AE, TSIO520BE, TSIO520CE. TSIO360A, TSIO360AB, TSIO360B, TSIO360C, TSIO360CB, TSIO360D, TSIO360DB, TSIO360E, TSIO360F, TSIO360G, TSIO360GB, TSIO360H, TSIO360HB, TSIO360EB, TSIO360FB, TSIO360JB, TSIO360KB, TSIO360LB, TSIO360BB, TSIO360MB, TSIO360NB, TSIO360PB, TSIO360RB, TSIO360SB, LTSIO360E, LTSIO360EB, LTSIO360KB, LTSIO360RB. IO470D, IO470E, IO470F, IO470G, IO470H, IO470J, IO470K, IO470L, IO470LO, IO470M, IO470N, IO470P, IO470R, IO470S, IO470T, IO470U, IO470V, IO470VO, L/IO470A. TSIO470B, TSIO470C, TSIO470D. 6320B. T6320A. IO550A, IO550B, IO550C, IO550D, IO550E, IO550F, IO550G, IO550L, IO550N, IO550P, IO50R, IOF550B, IOF550C, IOF550D, IOF550E, IOF550F, IOF550L, IOF550N, IOF550P, IOF550R. TSIOL550A, TSIOL550B, TSIOL550C. TSIO550A, TSIO550B, TSIO550C, TSIO550E, TSIO550G, TSIO550K, TSIO550N, TSIOF550D, TSIOF550J, TSIOF550K, TSIOF550P.
O435, O435A, O435A2, O435B (O4355), O435C (O4351), O435C1 (O43511), O435C2 (O43513), O435K, O435K1 (O4354), GO435, GO435C2 (O43517), GO435C2A, GO435C2A2, GO435C2B, GO435C2B1, GO435C2B2, GO435C2C, GO435C2D, GO435C2E, GO435D1. GO480, GO480A1A, GO480B, GO480B1, GO480B1A6, GO480B1B, GO480B1C, GO480B1D, GO480C1B6, GO480C1D6, GO480C2C6, GO480C2D6, GO480C2E6, GO480C3A6 GO480D1A, GO480E1A6, GO480F1A6, GO480F2A6, GO480F2D6, GO480F3A6, GO480F3B6, GO480F4A6, GO480F4B6, GO480F6, GO480G1A6, GO480G1B6, GO480G1D6, GO480G1H6, GO480G1J6, GO480G2D6, GO480G2F6, IGO480A1A6, IGO480A1B6. GSO435B, GSO435B2. GSO480A1A6, GSO480A1C6, GSO480A2A6, GSO480B1A6, GSO480B1B6, (O4801), GSO480B1C6, GSO480B1E6, GSO480B1F6, GSO480B1G6, GSO480B1J6, GSO480B2C6, GSO480B2D6, GSO480B1B3, GSO480B2G6, GSO480B2H6, IGSO480A1A6 (04803), IGSO480A1B6, IGSO480A1C6, IGSO480A1D6, IGSO480A1E6, IGSO480A1F3, IGSO480A1F6, IGSO480A1G6. O540A1A, O540A1A5, O540A1B5, O540A1C5, O540A1D, O540A1D5, O540A2B, O540A3D5, O540A4A5, O540A4B5, O540A4C5, O540A4D5, O540A4E5, O540B1A5, O540B1B5, O540B1D5, O540B2A5, O540B2B5, O540B2C5, O540B4A5, O540B4B5, O540D1A5, O540E4A5, O540E4B5, O540E4C5, O540F1A5, O540F1B5, O540G1A5, O540G2A5, O540H1A5, O540H1A5D, O540H1B5D, O540H2A5, O540H2A5D, O540H2B5D, O540J1A5D, O540J1B5D, O540J1C5D, O540J1D5D, O540J2A5D, O540J2B5D, O540J2C5D, O540J2D5D, O540J3A5D, O540J3A5, O540J3C5D, O540L3C5D. IO540A1A5, IO540B1A5, IO540B1B5, IO540B1C5, IO540C1B5, IO540C1C5, IO540C2C, IO540C4B5, IO540C4B5D, IO540C4D5, IO540C4C5, IO540C4D5D, IO540D4A5, IO540D4B5, IO540D4C5, IO540E1A5, IO540E1B5, IO540E1C5, IO540G1A5, IO540G1B5, IO540G1C5, IO540G1D5, IO540G1E5, IO540G1F5, IO540J4A5, IO540K1A5, IO540K1A5D, IO540K1B5, IO540K1B5D, IO540K1C5, IO540K1D5, IO540K1E5, IO540K1E5D, IO540K1F5, IO540K1F5D, IO540K1G5, IO540K1G5D, IO540K1H5, IO540K1J5, IO540K1J5D, IO540K1K5, IO540K2A5, IO540L1A5, O540L1A5D, IO540L1B5D, IO540L1C5, IO540M1A5, IO540M1A5D, IO540M1B5D, IO540M1C5, IO540M2A5D, IO540N1A5, IO540P1A5, IO540R1A5, IO540S1A5, IO540T4A5D, IO540T4B5, IO540T4B5D, IO540T4C5D, IO540U1A5D, IO540U1B5D, IO540V4A5D,IO540V4A5, IO540W1A5, IO540W1A5D, IO540W3A5D, IO540AA1A5, IO540AA1B5, IO540AB1A5, IO540AC1A5, IO540AE1A5, IO540AF1A5, IO540AG1A5, AEIO540D4A5, AEIO540D4B5, AEIO540D4C5, AEIO540D4D5, AEIO540L1B5D, AEIO540L1B5, AEIO540L1D5. IGSO540A1A, IGSO540A1C, IGSO540A1D, IGSO540A1E, IGSO540A1F, IGSO540A1H, IGSO540B1A, IGSO540B1C. IGO540A1A, IGO540A1B, IGO540A1C, IGO540B1A, IGO540B1B, IGO540B1C.TIO541A1A, TIO541E1A4, TIO541E1B4, TIO541E1C4, TIO541E1D4. TIO540A1A, TIO540A1B, TIO540A2A, TIO540A2B, TIO540A1C, TIO540A2C, TIO540C1A, TIO540E1A, TIO540F2BD, TIO540G1A, TIO540H1A, TIO540J2B, TIO540J2BD, TIO540K1AD, TIO540N2BD, TIO540R2AD, TIO540S1AD, TIO540T2AD, TIO540U2A, TIO540V2AD, TIO540W2A, TIO540AA1AD, TIO540AB1AD, TIO540AB1BD, TIO540AE2A, TIO540AF1A, TIO540AF1B, TIO540AG1A, TIO540AH1A, TIO540AJ1A, TIO540AK1A, LTIO540F2BD, LTIO540J2B, LTIO540J2BD, LTIO540K1AD, LTIO540N2BD, LTIO540R2AD, LTIO540U2A, LTIO540V2AD, LTIO540W2A. TIGO541B1A, TIGO541C1A, TIGO541D1A, TIGO541D1B, TIGO541E1A, TIGO541G1AD. IO580A1A, IO580B1A, AEIO580B1A.
6A4150B3, 6A4150B4, 6A4150B31, 6A4165B3, 6A4165B4, 6A4165B6, 6A4200C6. 6A8215B8F, 6A8215B9F. 6A335A, 6A335B, 6A335B1A, 6A335D, 6A335B1. 6AS335A, 6AS335B. 6A350C1, 6A350C1A, 6A350C2, 6A350D, 6A350D1, 6A350D1A, 6A350D1B, 6A350C2A, 6A350C1R,
6A350C1L. 6AS350A, 6AS350A1.

TAS100-04 TAS100-05 TAS100-06 TAS100-07 TAS100-08 TAS100-09 TAS100-22 , TAS100-10 TAS100-11 TAS100-12 TAS100-13 TAS100-14 TAS100-15 TAS100-16 TAS100-18 TAS100-20 TAS100-24 TAS75-02

Christen: Pitts (S-2S, S-2B). Siai-Marchetti: SF-260. H.A.L.: HPT-32. Slingsby: Firefly (T3A).
Moravan: Zlin (Z50L). H.A.L.: HPT-32.
Burkhart Grob: Grob G (115T Aero).
F.F.A.: FFA-2000 Eurotrainer. Extra-F1ugzeugbau: Extra 300.
CNA: IAR-831. Extra Flugzeugbau: Extra (300). Morovan: Zlin (Z50L). Mundry: CAP-230. NDA Aircraft Ltd: Firecracker. Norman Aeroplane Co.: Firecracker. Omnipol: Zlin (Z50L). Pezetel: Iskierka (M-26). S.O.C.A.T.A: Epsilon (TB-30). Utva: Lasta.
Apex Aircraft: CAP.
Doyn: Doyn-Piper (PA-23-250). Riley: Rocket-Cessna (310). Dornier: (DO-8-B1). Siai-Marchetti:
Piper: Sequoia (PA60, 602P).
Stoddard Hamilton: Glasair.
Cessna Aircraft: Skylane (C-182).
Cessna Aircraft: Stationair (C-206).
Aero Commander: (500-B).
Aero Commander: (500-E).
Piper: Aztec B (PA-23-250), Comanche (PA-24-250).
Riley: Turbo-Rocket.
Piper: Aztec C (PA-23-250), Aztec F. Wassmer: WA4-2V. Avions Pierre Robin: HR100/250. Bellanca Aircraft: Aries T-250. Aerofab: Renegade (250).
S.O.CA.T.A.: TB-20.
S.O.C.A.T.A.: Trinidad (TB-20).
Piper: Comanche (PA-24-260). Siai-Marchetti: SF-260.
Cerva: Guepard (CE-43).
Aero Commander: 500-E.
Aero Commander: 500-U. Shrike: 500-S. Poeschel: P-300.
Doyn: Doyn-Piper (PA-23-250). Riley: Turbo-Aztec. DeHavilland: Heron Conversion.
T. R. Smith Aircraft: Aerostar (600). Found Bros: Centennial (100).
Intermountain Mfg. Co.: Call Air (IAR-821).
Intermountain Mfg. Co.: IAR-822, IAR-826, IAR-823.
Piper: Aztec (PA-23-250).
"Piper: Cherokee Six (PA-32-300). Embraer: Minuano (EMB-720), Sertanejo (EMB-721). LANCE: Aeronautica Agricola Mexicana: Quail.
Celair: Eagle."
Piper: Cherokee Six (PA-32-300).
Pilatus Britten-Norman: Islander (BN-2B). Transava: Skyfarmer T-300. Evangel-Air:
DeHavilland: DH-114-2X.
Neiva: Universal (IPD-6201).
Ted Smith: Aerostar (600).
Embraer: Ipanema (EMB-200, EMB-201).
Piper: Saratoga (PA-32-300), Brave 300. Embraer: Minuano (EMB-720).
Piper: Lance (PA-32-300R), Saratoga SP (PA-32-300R). Embraer: Sertanejo (EMB-721).
Piper: Aerostar 600A. Stoddard Hamilton: SNA.
Piper: Aerostar 600A.
Embraer: Ipanema (EMB-201).
Piper: T35.
U.S. Lighter Than Air: Blimp.
NDN Aircraft: Firecracker.
Utva: Utva-75 (AG).
Swearingen: SX300.
Piper: Navajo (PA-31-300).
Trident: Trident Tri-Gull.
Eagle Aircraft:
King Engineering: Angel.
Piper Aircraft: Comanche (PA-24-260).
Ted Smith: Aerostar.
Piper: Comanche (PA-24-260).
Piper: Aerostar (601B, 601P).
General Aviation: Model 114.
Commander: 114B.
Rockwell: 114.
Lake Aircraft: Seawolf.
American Manufacturing Factory: Mushshak (17-D). Maule: MT-7-260, M-7-260. Shijiazhuang: Little Eagle (LE-500).
Brooklanda: Scoutmaster.
Maule: Star Rocket (MX-7-235), Super Rocket (MT-7-235), Super St. Rocket (M-7-235).
Maule: Star Rocket (MX-7-235), Super Rocket (M-6-235), Super Std. Rocket (M-7-235).
Schweizer: Power Glider.
Alamo Aerospace: C-182RG.
Beech: Q`teen Air (80).
Piaggio: Portofino (P-166C). Utva: Super Privrednik (65-S).
Beech: Queen Air (80).
Dornier: Skyservant (DO-28D).
Piaggio: P-166-BL2.
Aero Commander Inc: Grand Commander (680-FL), (680-F), Pressurized (680-FL).
Aero Commander Inc: 560F-2A4
Mooney Aircraft: Mustang (M-22).
Beech Aircraft: Duke (60)
Beech Aircraft: Baron (56TC)
Beech Aircraft: Duke (B60)
Beech Aircrat: Baron Turbo.
Piper Aircraft: Navajo (PA-31P).
Rockwell: 710.
Piper: Navajo (PA-31 II, PA-31-325).
Piper Aircraft: Chieftian (T-1020).
Piper: Navajo (PA-31-350, PA-31 II). Embraer: Navajo (EMB-820).
Riley: Cessna 310 Conversion.
Rockwell: 700.
Piper: Aerostar (700P).
Piper: Mojave (PA-31P-350).
Piper: Navajo (PA-31-310).
Piper: Navajo (PA-31-310).
Aerofab Inc.: Turbo Renegade (LA 250).
S.O.C.A.T.A.: Trinidad TC (TB-21).
Schweizer: helicopter
Piper Aircraft: Malibu Mirage (PA-46-350P), Malibu Matrix (PA-46R-350T).
Mooney Aircraft: TLS Bravo (M20M).
Mooney Aircraft: TLS Bravo (M20M).
Commander Aircraft: 114TC.
Gippsland Aeronautics: Turbo Saratoga (PA-32-301T), Turbocharged Airvan (GA8-TC320). Found: Expedition (350TC). Piper Aircraft: Turbo Saratoga (PA-32-301T).
Cessna Aircraft: Turbo Stationair (T-206).
Cessna Aircraft: Turbo Skylane (T182T).
Piper: Turbo Aztec (PA-23-250).
Piper Aircraft: Navajo (PA-31-325,PA-31 II).
Piper: Chieftan (T-1020).
Piper: Navajo (PA-31 II, 350). Embraer: Navajo (EMB-820).
Riley: Cessna 310 Conversion.
Rockwell: 700.
Piper: Turbo Saratoga (PA-32R-301T), Lance Turbo (PA-32RT-300T).
Trident: Tri-Gull.
Piper: Aerostar (700P).
Piper: Mojave (PA-31P-350).
Aero Mercantil: Gavilan.
[11] Aero Commander: 520. [11A] Beech Aircraft: Twin Bonanza (B-50). [11B] Mid-States Mfg. Corp: Helio Courier (H-391).
Pilatus: Trainer (P-3).
Pilatus: Trainer.
Aero Commander Inc.: 520, 520-6A1. Beech Aircraft: Twin Bonanza (B-50). Mid-States Mfg. Corp.: Helio Courier (H391-B), Helio Military (YL-24).
Aero Commander Inc.: 520. McKinnon Enterprises: Super Widgeon (G-44).
Beechcraft C35 & D35-A777
Aero Commander Inc.: (L-3805). Piaggio: Military Trainer (PA-148-D). S A.A.B.: Trainer (91-B). Safir: (91-C).
Kaman Aircraft: K-222.
Kaman: (K-19OA). W. E. Husk Eng: Bellanca (14-13).
(Helio H391B-1A8)?
Kaman Aircraft: (K-240, HTK-1).
Aero Commander Inc: 560.
Dornier: DO-27-A4, Seaplane (DO-27-S1). McKinnon Enterprises: Super Widgeon (G-44). Piaggio: Trainer (P-149-P). Utva: (U-60ATI).
Piaggio: Amphibian (P-135-L). Trecker Aircraft: Royal Gull.
Aero Commander Inc: 560.
McKinnon Enterprises: Super Widgeon (G-44).
Aero Commander Inc: 560-A, Military (U-9B), 560-E.
McKinnon Enterprises: Super Widgeon (G-44A).
Beech Aircraft: Twin Bonanza (D-50).
Beech Aircraft: Twin Bonanza (D-50), Seminole (L-23E), (U-8E).
Aero Commander Inc: 560-A.
Beech Aircraft: Twin Bonanza (C-50).
Beech: Twin Bonanza (C-50).
Beech: Twin Bonanza (C-50).
Aero Commander Inc: 560-A.
Mid-States Mfg. Co.: Super Courier, Military (U-1OA), Super Courier (H-395).
Utva: Privrednik (U-65-AT).
Beech: Twin Bonanza (D-50A, D-50B, D-50C).
Beech Aircraft: Twin Bonanza (D-50E).
Helio: Courier.
Aero Commander Inc: 680, Military (U-9C). Beech: Twin Bonanza (E-50). Mid-States Mfg. Corp: Strata Courier (Special). Trecker Aircraft: Super (200). Piaggio: Amphibian (P-136-L2), Exceutive (P-166).
Aero Commander Inc: 680-E, Alta Cruiser (720). Dornier: DO-27H. Pilatus: Porter (PC-6). Fuji Heavy Ind.: KM.
Beech: Military, Seminole (U8-D), Twin Bonanza (F-50). Dornier: DO-27-H2. Aeritalia: AM-3C.
Aero-Macchi: AL-60. Piaggio: P-166B.
Utva: U-66. SOKO: "Kraguji".
McKinnon Enterprises: McKinnon Goose (G-21D).
Beech: Twin Bonanza (G-50, H-50).
Beech: Twin Bonanza (J-50), Queen Air (U-8F). C. Itoh:
Beech: Queen Air (65).
Fuji: T-3.
Fuji: KM-2.
Rhein-Flugzeughau: (RF-1)
Piper: Comanche (PA-24-250). Helio: Military (H-250). Yoeman Aviation: (YA-1).
Piper: Aztec (PA-23-250), Comanche (PA-24-250).
Piper: Comanche (PA-24-250).
Found Bros.: FBA-2C. Dornier: DO-28-B1.
Piper: Aztec (PA-23-250), Comanche (PA-24-250), Military Aztec (U-11A). Dornier: DO-28.
Aero Commander: 500. Mid-States Mfg. Co.: Twin Courier (H-500), (U-5).
Piper: Navy Aztec (PA-23-250).
Cessna: Ector Super Mountaineer. Piper: Comanche (250) – (Aluminum Hub Prop).
Piper: Apache (PA-23-235).
Piper: Cherokee (PA-24-250). Doyn: Doyn-Piper (PA-24-250).
Wassmer: WA-421.
Piper: Pawnee (PA-24-235), Cherokee (PA-28-235), Aztec (PA-23-235). Intermountain Mfg Co.: Call Air (A-9). Rawdon Bro: Rawdon (T-1). SOCATA: Rallye (235CA).
Piper: Pawnee (PA-24-235).
Piper: Cherokee (PA-28-235). Embraer: Corioca (EMB-710). S.O.CA.T.A.: Rallye 235GT, Rallye 235C. Maule: Star Rocket (MX-7-235), Super Rocket (M-6-235), Super Std. Rocket (M-7-235). AeroVolga: LA-8.
Piper: Comanche (PA-24-260). Aviamilano: Flamingo (F-250). Siai-Marchetti: SF-260, SF-208.
Britten-Norman: (BN-2). Piper: Cherokee Six (PA-32-260).
Pilatus Britten-Norman: Islander (BN-2A-26), Islander (BN-2A-27, Islander II (BN-2B-26), Islander (BN-2A-21), Trislander (BN-2A-Mark III-2).
Omega: BS-12D1. Robinson: R-44.
Piper: Pawnee (PA-25-260).
Aero Boero: 260.
Embraer: Ipanema (AG). Gippsland: GA-200.
Aero Boero: 260.
Aero Boero: 260.
Maule: Star Rocket (MX-7-235), Super Rocket (M-6-235), Super Std. Rocket (M-7-235).
Piper: Dakota (PA-28-236).
Maule: M5-235C, M6-235-3A23. Robin: R-3000/235.
Cessna: Skylane RG.
Cessna: Turbo Skylane RG (TR-182).
Cessna NGP, MSW Votec 252T
Aerodyme Corporation: Expedition Aircraft: (E350, E350XC). Evektor: Cobra (VUT 100-131i).
Extra Flugzeugbau: EA330. UTVA: Lasta (95). Xtremeair: Sbach (342).
Aero Commander: 560-F.
Aero Commander: 560-F.
Aero Commander Inc. (560-F).
Aero Commander Inc. (560-F).
Cessna: 170, 170A.
Cessna: 172, 170B, 170C. Maule: M-4, M-4C, M-4S, M-4T.
Cessna: 172. Maule: M-4, M-4C, M-4S, M-4T.
Cessna: 172A, 170B, 170C, 172E, 172F, 172G, 172H, Skylark (175).
Cessna: 172A, 170B, 170C, 172D, 172E, 172F, 172G, 172H.
Cessna: 172, 170B, 170C. Maule: M-4, M-4C, M-4S, M-4T.
Cessna: 172. Maule: M-4, M-4C, M-4S, M-4T.
Cessna: 172A, 170B, 170C, 172E, 172F, 172G, 172H, Skylark (175).
Cessna: 172A, 170B, 170C, 172E, 172F, 172G, 172H.
Cessna: 175 SKYLARK
Cessna: 175A SKYLARK, 175B SKYLARK,
Cessna: 175A SKYLARK, 175B SKYLARK,
Cessna: 172D, 175C SKYLARK,
Cessna: Skymaster (336). Maule: M-4-210, M-4-210C, M-4-210S, M-4-210T. Beagle(U.K.): B 242-C.
Cessna: Super Skymaster (337), 337A, 337B, 337C, 337D, 337E, 337F. Aero Boero: 210, AB210.
Cessna: Super Skymaster (337), 337A, 337B, 337C, 337D, 337E, 337F. Aero Boero: 210, AB210.
AVIONS PIERRE ROBIN: HR100/210. Cessna: Reims Rocket, SUPER SKYMASTER 337A, 337B. Reims Avation{France}: FR-172 (Reims 172) (FR172). Maule: M-4-210C, M-4-210S, M-4-210T, M-5-210C. Aero Difusion: Jodel D1190S. Aero engine services: Aircruiser. Avions Pierre Robin HR: 100/210.
Cessna: Super Skymaster (337), 337A, 337B. Aero Difusion: Jodel D1190S. Aero engine services: Aircruiser. Avions Pierre Robin HR: 100/210. Maule: M5.
Cirrus: SR20. Ilyushin: IL-103. Beriev: BE-103. Express: Express "Kit plane". Lancair: ES. Questair: Spirit.
Cessna: Super Skymaster (337), 337A, 337B, 337C, 337D, 337E, 337F, 337G, 337H.
Cessna: Super Skymaster (337), 337A, 337B, 337C, 337D, 337E, 337F, 337G, 337H.
Cessna: Hawk XP (R172). Reims Avation {France}: Hawk XP 172 (XP-172) (R172K).
Cessna: Hawk XP (R172K), Hawk XPII.
Piper: Seneca II (PA-34-200T).
Piper: Seneca II (PA-34-200T).
Piper: Seneca III (PA-34-200T), Seneca IV (PA-34-200T)
Piper: Seneca V (PA-34-200T).
Cessna: T337B, T337C, T337D, T337E, T337F.
Cessna: T337B, T337C, T337D, T337E, T337F.
Cessna: T337B.
Cessna: T337B.
Cessna: T337G, P337H.
Cessna: T337G, P337H.
Cessna: M337B.
Cessna: M337B.
Piper: SENECA II (PA-34-200T).
Piper: SENECA II (PA-34-200T).
Mooney: M20K 231.
Mooney M20K-2A3
Mooney M20K-2A3
Mooney M20K-2A3
Cessna: T337H.
Cessna: T337H.
Cessna: T337H-SP.
Piper: SENECA III (PA-34-220T), SENECA IV (PA-34-220T). EMBRAER: EMB-810 (SENECA III), EMB-810C, EMB-810D.
Mooney: M20K 231.
Mooney: M20K 252.
Piper: SENECA V (PA-34-220T).
Mooney: Encore M20K.
Beech: Bonanza C35.
NAVION: Rangemaster I, Rangemaster A.
Beech: Bonanza B35.
NAVION: Rangemaster A.
Beech: Bonanza E35, Bonanza F35, Bonanza G35,
Beech: Bonanza (J35), Bonanza (K35), Bonanza (M35). Navion: Rangemaster E.
Cessna: Skywagon (180)
Cessna: 310
Beech: BONANZA (H35)
Cessna: Skywagon (180)
Bellanca: Cruisemaster (14-19-2). Cessna: Skywagon (180), 180A, 180B.
Cessna: Skywagon (180C), 180D, 180E, 180F, 180G, 180H, 180J, Skylane (182), 182A, 182B, 182C, 182D, 182E, 182F, 182G. Reims Aviation: F-182 (Reims 182).
Aerocomander: 200. Cessna: 310, 310A, 310B. Meyers Aircraft: 200.
Navion: Rangemaster D.
Cessna: Skywagon (180C), 180D, 180E, 180F, 180G, 180H, 180J, Skylane 182E, 182G, 182H, 182J, 182K, 182L, 182M, 182N, 182P, AGwagon 230 (188), AGwagon A (188A), AGwagon B (188B). Reims Aviation: F-182 (Reims 182). WREN: 460.
Cessna: Skylane (182N), 182P, AGwagon B (188B), Skywagon 180J. Reims Aviation: F-182 (Reims 182).
Cessna: Skywagon (180K), 180KII, Skylane (182Q), 182QII, 182R, 182RII. Reims Aviation: F-182 (Reims 182).
Aerocommander: 200A, 200B, 200C. Cessna: 310C, 310D, 310E(L27-B,U-3B), 310F, 310G, 310H, E310H. Meyers Aircraft:200A, 200B, 200C. Beagle(U.K.): AOP MKII. Bellanca: 260A.
Cessna: 210, 210A.
Bellanca: 260B, 260C. Cessna: Skywagon (185), 185A, 185B, 185C,185D,185E. DCASR-D: 185.
Navion: Rangemaster A, F, G, I.
Beech: Bonanza (33), A33, B33, C33, E33, F33, DEBONAIR A33,
Beech: Bonanza F33, Debonair C33,
Beech: Baron (95-55), 95-A55, 95-B55, 95-B55A, 95-B55B.
Aerocommander: 500A.
Beech: Bonanza (G33), N35, P35, NP35.
Cessna: 205 (MODEL 210-5), 205A (MODEL 210-5A), 210B, 210C.
Cessna: 310I, 310J, 310J-1, E310J-1.
Cessna: 310K, 310L, 310N, 310P, 310Q, E310M.
Cessna: 310L, 310N, 310P, 310Q.
Cessna: Skyknight (320), 320A, 320-1.
Cessna: Skyknight (320B).
Cessna: Skyknight (320C).
Beech: Bonanza A36.
Cessna: Columbia 400 (LC41-550FG Corvalis LANCAIR), T240. Beech: Baron 58, 58A, G58, Bonanza E33C.
Melex U.S.A.: Wilga. Wipaire: Conversion I.
Cirrus: VK-30. Mooney: Eagle (M20S), EagleII (M20SII), M20TN, Ovation (M20R). Lancair: Super ES. Questair: Venture.
Cessna: Columbia 300 (LC40-550FG Corvalis LANCAIR), Columbia 350 (LC42-550FGCorvalis LANCAIR). Cirrus: SR22.
Cirrus: VK-30.
Triton Aerospace LLC {ADAM AIRCRAFT}: A500. Lancair: IV, IV P, Columbia 400.
Mooney: Acclaim (M20TN).
Cirrus: SR22T.
Cirrus: SR22T. Lancair: Columbia 300.
Diamond: DA-50.
Cirrus: SR22T. Korean Aerospace inc (KAI): KAI.
Extra: EA400
Aerocommander: 200D. Cessna: SUPER SKYLANE 206, U206A, P206A, P206B, P206C,P206D,P206E, 210D (CENTURION), 210E (CENTURION), 210F (CENTURION), 210G, 210H. Meyers Aircraft: 200B, 200C, 200D. Bellanca: Viking 300.
Beech: Bonanza (36), A36, E33A, E33B, E33C, F33A, F33Z, F33C, S35, V35A, V35B, Debonair C33A. Navion: Rangemaster H. Janox: Javilon.
Navion: Rangemaster H. Beech: Bonanza A36, E33A, F33A, V35B.
Beech: Bonanza A36, E33A, F33, V35, V35B.
Beech: Baron (58), 58A, 95-C55, 95-C55A, D55, D55A, E55, E55A. Cessna: Centurion (210G), 210H,TU206A. Windecker: Eagle.
Beech: Baron (58), 58A, 95-C55, 95-C55A, D55, D55A, E55, E55A.
Cessna: Skywagon (A185E), A185F, A185FII, 188 (AGwagon 300), A188A (AGwagon A), A188B (AGwagon B), A188C (AGwagon C), A188 (AGtruck), A188-230. Aviones: Pihao. Bellanca: Viking 300. Bonnaire: 185, 188 conversion. Burns: BA42.
Prinair: Dehavilland Heron. Aero commander: 500A colemill conversion.
Cessna: U206B, U206C, U206D, U206E, U206F, U206FII-300, U206G, U206G-300, SKYWAGON (207), 207A, 207AII, Stationair 8 (207A), Stationair 8II.
Cessna: CENTURION (210J).
Bellanca: 17-30 (Viking 300), 17-30A (Viking 300A). AISA: F20(Pegaso). Ambrosin: MF-151.
Cessna: CENTURION (210K), 210L, 210M, 210N, 210R, U206GII-300.
Cessna: CENTURION 310R
Cessna: CENTURION 310R
Cessna: 411, 411A, TURBO SUPER SKYLANE TU206A, TU206B, TU206C, TU206D, TU206E, TP206A, TP206B, TP206C, TP206D, TP206E. Aeerfer/Aermecchi: AM 3. Beagle(U.K.): B206S.
Cessna: 421, 421A.
Aerocommander: 685.
Cessna: 421B.
Aerocommander: 685.
Cessna: 421C.
Cessna: 404 titan.
Cessna: 421C.
Cessna: T303 (CRUSADER).
Cessna: T303 (CRUSADER).
Cessna: T303P, T303Q, T303R, T310P, T310Q, T310R, Executive Skyknight (320D), 320E, 320F.
Cessna: T303P, T303Q, T303R, T310R, Executive Skyknight (320D), 320E, 320F.
Piper: MALIBU (PA-46-310P).
Cessna: TU206A, TU206B, TU206C, TU206D, TU206E, TU206F, TP206A, TP206B, TP206C, TP206D, TP206E, Turbo Centurion (T210F), T210G, T210H.
Beech: Bonanza V35, ST35, V35A-TC.
Cessna: 401, 401A, 401B, 402, 402A, 402B. Prinair: DeHavilland Heron.
Cessna: 335, 401, 401A, 401B, 402, 402A, 402B.
Cessna: Turbo Skywagon (T207).
Cessna: T210J (Turbo Centurion), T210K, T210L.
Cessna: 414.
Cessna: 414.
Cessna: 340.
Cessna: 340.
Beech: Baron (58P), 58PA, 58TC, 58TCA. Cessna: Centurion 210K, 210L, 210M, 210N, 210R.
Beech: Baron (58P), 58PA, 58TC, 58TCA.
Cessna: TU206G, TU206G-300, TURBO SKYWAGON (T207), Turbo Stationair 8 (T207), Turbo Stationair 8II.
Cessna: 340A, 414, 414A.
Cessna: 340A, 414, 414A.
Cessna: P210, P210N,
Cessna: Turbo Centurion T210M, T210MII, T210N, T210NII, T210R.
Cessna: T188C (AGHUSKY 300).
Beech: Bonanza (A36TC)
Cessna: 402C
Beech: Baron (58P), 58PA, 58TC, 58TCA.
Cessna: 170A, 170B, 172, 172A, 172B through P, 175, 175A, 175B, 175C. Univair: 108-3, 108-2, 108-1. Cessna: 172D, 172E, 172F (USAF T-41A), 172G, 172H (USAF T-41A), 172I, 172K, 172L, 172M, 172N, 172P.
Cessna: 170A, 170B, 172, 172A, 172B through P, 175, 175A, 175B, 175C.
Cessna: 170A, 170B, 172, 172A, 172B through P, 175, 175A, 175B, 175C. Cessna: 172D, 172G, 172E, 172C, 172B, 172F (USAF T-41A). Univair: 108-3, 108-2, 108-1. Cessna: 172D, 172E, 172F(USAF T-41A), 172G, 172H (USAF T-41-A), 172I, 172K.
Beech: C35, D35
Hiller: UH-12 SERIES, UH-12L, UH-12L4, UH-12E, UH-12E-L. Bell: 47 series.
Cessna: 172G, 172E, 172C, 172B, 172D, 172F (USAF T-41A). Univair: 108-2, 108-3. Bellanca: 14-13-3W, 14-13 series, 14-13-3, 14-13-2, 14-13. Cessna: 170B, 172, 172A.
Cessna: 172I, 172H (USAF T-41A), 172B, 172L,172K,172F (USAF T-41A), 172G, 172E, 172D, 172C, 172M. Univair: 108-3. Cessna: 175B, 175C, 175, 175A.
Cessna: 172I, 172H (USAF T-41A), 172B, 172L,172K,172F (USAF T-41A), 172G, 172E, 172D, 172C, 172M. Univair: 108-3. Cessna: 175B, 175C, 175, 175A.

Express: 2000RG.
Aero-Flight Streak
Baumann Brigadier
Call-Air A-3
Globe Swift
Grumman Tadpole
Hockaday Comet
Meyers MAC-125
Miles Gemini
Aeronca Sedan
Baumann Brigadier
Cessna 160 – intended for production model[3]
Cessna 170
Cessna 172 and T-41 Mescalero
Maule M-4
Meyers MAC-145
Taylorcraft 15
Temco TE-1A
Globe Swift
Aeronca Sedan
Baumann Brigadier
Cessna 160 – intended for production model[3]
Cessna 170
Cessna 172 and T-41 Mescalero
Maule M-4
Meyers MAC-145
Taylorcraft 15
Temco TE-1A
Globe Swift
Cessna 175
Goodyear GZ-19 and GZ-19A
"Cerva CE.44 Couguar
Cierva CR.640 (not built)
Piper PA-36-285 Pawnee Brave
Robin HR100/285TR Tiara
Spencer S-12-EAir Car (prototype)
Transavia PL-12 T-320 Airtruk
Trident Trigull (prototypes)
Aero Boero AB-210
AVE Mizar
Beriev Be-103
Cessna 160
Cessna R172K Hawk XP
Cessna Skymaster and military O-2 Skymaster
Cirrus SR20
Cierva CR Twin
Goodyear GZ-20
Ilyushin Il-103
Irkut A-002
Maule M-4
Maule M-5
Mooney M20
Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow
Piper PA-28-201T Turbo Dakota
Piper PA-34 Seneca
PZL M-20 Mewa
Reims FR172J Reims Rocket
Ryan XV-8
Sasin Spraymaster
T-41 Mescalero
Boisavia Mercurey
Luscombe 11
Beechcraft Bonanza
T-34 Mentor
Fletcher FD-25
Fletcher FL-23
Beechcraft Bonanza
Cessna 180
Cessna 182
Cessna 187
Cessna 188
Cessna 310
Falconar SAL Mustang
Fanaero-Chile Chincol
Fuji KM-2
HAL Krishak
Meyers 200
O-1 Bird dog
PZL-104 Wilga
SIAI-Marchetti FN.333 Riviera
Stinson 108 (modified under STC)
Yeoman Cropmaster
Auster AOP.9
Beechcraft Baron
Beechcraft Bonanza
Cessna 185
Cessna 210A
Cessna 310
Meyers 200
PAC Fletcher
Procaer Picchio
Ryan Navion
Aérotrain 01 – experimental hover train project
cessna ch-1
cessna ch-1
cessna ch-1
Cessna 620
Beechcraft Baron
Beechcraft Bonanza
Bellanca 17-30
Cessna 182 (STC SA09133SC, modification)
Cessna 206 (modification)
Cessna 350
Cirrus SR22
Cirrus VK-30
Freedom Aviation Phoenix
Lancair ES
Lancair Legacy
Mooney M20
Seawind 300C
Velocity XL-RG
Yakovlev Yak-112
Diamond DA50
Adam: A500. Mooney: M20TN. Velocity: TXL-RG. Express: 2000FT.
Beechcraft Bonanza
Bellanca Viking (17-30 and 17-30A)
Cessna 185
Cessna 206
Cessna 207
Cessna 210
Cessna 310
Cessna 402
Cessna 404
Cessna 414
Cessna 421
Meyers 200D
St-Just Super-Cyclone
Aero-Flight Streak
Aeronca Sedan
Bartlett Zephyr
Bell 47
Bellanca Cruisair
Brantly B-1
Goodyear Duck
H-23 Raven
Hiller 360
Hirth Acrostar
Maule M-5-220C Lunar Rocket
Republic RC-3 Seabee
Seibel S-4
Sikorsky S-52
Socata MS.894 Rallye Minerva
Stinson Voyager
Taylorcraft 15
Temco TE-1B
Tucker (automobile)
YT-35 Buckaroo


Engine Manufacturer

Continental, Franklin, Lycoming



USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

STC kit (YES)

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