Why Tanis

Why Tanis

Why buy a Tanis pre-heat?

Because only a Tanis will thoroughly heat-soak your engine!

You want a pre-heat system that will heat your engine

from the inside out’,

and the unique Tanis ‘heated long bolt’ does exactly that!

Condensation can form if warm oil/water vapor rises from your oil pan and hits a colder surface (like your cylinder heads!).  That is why you always want your cylinders and case top warmer than your oil pan, and that is why the Tanis system outperforms all others.

Our systems have a unique and patented heated bolt that goes into the cylinder mass for deep heating, and we are the only ones who include a heating pad on the top of the case to help ensure that you don’t get condensation from rising oil/water vapor!

TanisAn engineering company for pilots who care about their engines.