Why Tanis

Why Tanis


Answer: Because only a preheat system from Tanis will thoroughly heat-soak your engine!

Having a Tanis multi-point preheat system will thoroughly heat-soak your engine. This will keep the metal above dew point removing the chance of condensation on your engine. Condensation forms when warm oil/water vapor rises from your oil pan and hits a colder surface (like your cylinder heads!).  This is the main reason why you want your cylinders and case warmer than your oil pan.

A Tanis Preheat System will heat the metal on your engine and will keep the tolerances of the metal more uniform causing a reduction in wear during startup. For deep heating, our piston preheat system uses a unique and patented heated threaded element that can go into the rocker cover or intake to fully heat the head of the cylinder. Heating the cylinder heads protect the engine and allows the heat to distribute through the engine cylinders more uniformly. We use heating pads on the case of the engine to ensure uniform heating and to ensure the case stays above the dew point. Preheating your engine also reduces the chance of frost on the spark plugs and reduces startup time which saves fuel and wear and tear on your engine.

Multi-point preheating is standard on all our systems. During the cold winter months most engine/aircraft manufacturers require multi-point preheating before starting their engines. We fully heat-soak the mass of the engine all the way into the center crankshaft. We also heat-soak general aviation engines in a much shorter time than the forced air heat application. Our systems are designed to be safely left on for extended periods of time and allow for rapid starts. This is why a Tanis system not only heats your engine for cold weather startup but also protects your engine.

You can find more answers to common question on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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See a in-depth look at the Tanis heating system video that was done for the Alaska Airmen Association’s 2020 Cessna 180 Raffle Plane.

You can see a article that Tanis contributed on Engine preservation from The Ultimate Engine Resource Guide. Published by Cessna Flyer and Piper Flyer Associations.

If you still question if our system is the best way to preheat your aircraft engine see our Testimonials or ask your engine/aircraft manufactures advice.

Tanis is also the only company that produces heating systems for complex fixed wing aircraft and helicopters that use turbine engines and power transmissions.

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