Tanis Tips…Fall is in the Air!

Tanis Tips…Fall is in the Air! Content

Gyro Instruments…Allow gyro instruments extra time to spool-up when they are cold. When operating in temperatures below freezing, precondition your cockpit with a certified Tanis AV/Cabin Heater! Without preheat gyroscopic instruments, commonly known as steam gauges, require extra time to spool-up and glass panel displays don’t always display. To reduce gyroscopic procession, condensation, maintenance and frustration, precondition with Tanis! Visit our website or call952-224-4425 for pricing and information.

CONGRATULATIONS to Ron Radcliffe from Coastal Helicopters in Juneau, Alaska for being the grand prize winner of the Avionics/Cabin Heater. Ron responded to our request for feedback on our new website we launched last month.