Tanis Named at Minnesota Manufacturing Awards

Tanis Named at Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Content

Tanis Aircraft Products was recently named as a runner up in the Best in Class Small Business Category for the 2018 Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards which was hosted by Minnesota Business Magazine.

This was Tanis’ first-ever nomination at this event. The award recognizes manufacturing companies and leaders in the industry that drive our region’s economy and grow their businesses through innovation and strategic evolution.  Criteria for this award includes excellent financial performance; effective business strategy; innovative approaches to internal operations, corporate training and manufacturing processes; job creation and/or retention; and sustainable practices.

To claim that manufacturing is good for Minnesota is a bit of an understatement. Our state has close to 8,000 manufacturers that make a wide range of products. These products can be found on trade-show floors, in cornfields, on aircraft, on retail shelves — even in nuclear-energy plants. The industry represents the single largest private sector component — 16% — of Minnesota’s gross domestic product, totaling $48.6 billion, and it accounts for more than 320,000 jobs or 13% of private-sector jobs in our state. Add to that: Each manufacturing job supports 1.9 jobs in other sectors of the economy. So, 33% of all Minnesota jobs are in, or supported by, manufacturing. In short, the manufacturing industry in Minnesota is not just good for our state’s economy, it’s essential. With that in mind, Minnesota Business magazine presents, its 2018 Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards, chosen by our elite panel of judges.