Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney

Price: $2,100.00

PT6A (Large) Engine Preheat Kit -115V

This system is purchased and installed per engine. It runs off of a 115 volt power source. Contact us for additional information for connecting systems to a single plug location.
Turbine engine preheating is provided through the use of pad heat elements on the engine nose case, and accessory cases. This heats important items like the FCU, bearings and oils.
For operation below freezing, the complete aircraft should be heated by incorporating battery and avionics preheat.

This preheat kit when installed will supply 753 watts with a 6.5 amp draw at 115 volts.

* Required Bonding sealant sold separately. Quantity 2, PN: TU02788

This kit is for engines that are classified as PWC PT6A large engines with long epicycilic PRGB.

Common engine and airframe combinations as below:
PT6A-60 No aircraft known (conversions)
PT6A-60A Beechcraft: King Air 300/350. **Note: modification may be needed
PT6A-60AG Air Tractor: AT 502B, Thrush 550P, Thrush 660,
PT6A-65AG Air Tractor: AT 602, AT 802,802A,802AF,802F, Thrush 660, Thrush 710P.
PT6A-65AR AMI: DC-3. Shorts: 360 , 360-300, C-23B Super Sherpa,
PT6A-65B Beechcraft: 1900,1900C. Polish Aviation Factory: M28 Skytruck.
PT6A-65R Shorts: 360 , 360-300.
PT6A-67 Beechcraft: RC-12K.
PT6A-67A Beechcraft: Starship, EPIC LT, IAI HeronTP.
PT6A-67AF Conair Aviation: S2 Turbo-Firecat .
PT6A-67AG Air Tractor: AT 802,802A,802AF,802F, Thrush 710P.
PT6A-67B Pilatus: PC-12.
PT6A-67D Beechcraft: 1900D.
PT6A-67F Air Tractor: AT 802,802A,802AF,802F.
PT6A-67P Pilatus: PC-12NG. Shorts:
PT6A-67R Basler: Turbo BT-67. Shorts: 360, 360-300.
PT6A-67RM No aircraft known (conversions)
PT6A-67T No aircraft known (conversions)
PT6A-68 Beechcraft: T-6A Texan II.
** If engine has PRGB case with accessory casting, Ref TNT3058 for modification pads required

Turbine Model

Various Models


PT6A-60, PT6A-60A, PT6A-60AG, PT6A-65B, PT6A-65R, PT6A-65AR, PT6A-65AG, PT6A-67, PT6A-67A, PT6A-67AF, PT6A-67P, PT6A-67B, PT6A-67D, PT6A-67R, PT6A-64, PT6A-67RM, PT6A-68, PT6A-67AG, PT6A-67T, PT6A-67F1052

NSN: 2995-01-503-1840

TAS300-03SPL TAS300-03SPL2 1052
TAS300-03SP2 1053
TAS300-15 TAS300-15SP 2082

kingair airtractor


Engine Manufacturer

Pratt & Whitney



USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

PMA kit (Yes)

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