Engine Manufacturer: Honeywell (Garrett), Rolls Royce (Allison)

Price: $10,700.00

Heli-Preheat Kit – Bell 407- STC – 230V

Heli-Preheat Kit – Bell, 407 with Rolls Royce, RR250-C47 or HTS900 Eagle Conversion

FAA-STC: # SR03474CH
EASA-STC: # 10057671
TCCA-STC: # SH16-23

Preheat is applied through electrical resistance heat in the form of thin pads sized and shaped to fit various parts. This includes engine reduction gearboxes, attached accessories, main & tail rotor gearboxes, battery (based on RG-407 or RG-427), and oil/hydraulic tanks. Power is routed to elements through dedicated wiring assembly with circuit overload protection. Bell approved dual ground power door assembly is include with extra place for additional ground power. System is self-regulating. Heated components reach an average state of thermal equilibrium in approximately six hours.

This preheat kit when installed will supply 527.5 watts with a 2.3 amp draw at 230 volts.

Note: For 407HP with HTS900 Eagle Conversion, alternate configuration of pads for this engine supplies 580.5 watts with a 2.5 amp draw at 230 volts. Please specify when ordered.

* Required Bonding sealant sold separately. Quantity 2, PN: TU02788

* AVF0001 form requested for verification of purchase.

Heil Manufacturer


Helicopter Cylinders




Engine Manufacturer

Honeywell (Garrett), Rolls Royce (Allison)

Old Part Number

TAS300-36-DT-230, TSHB407-2776-230,TSHB407-3087-230,



USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

STC kit (YES)

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