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Price: $140.00

Threaded Heat Element pin connector – (1/2″ hex .95 X .25-UNC20) – 50 Watt – 230 Volt

The 771 series threaded heat element is designed to replace fasteners (intake bolt or rocker cover screw).
Usable on Lycoming, TCM Continental, and Franklin.
These threaded heat element replacement parts are used with a complete Tanis preheat system.

Included with this replacement element is one TU02846, “Aluminum Spacer – 1/4 inch I.D.”

– 50 Watt
– 230 Volt
– Material: steel
– Threaded area: 1/4-20 UNC-20 x 0.90 inch
– Shank length: 1.125 inch
– Head: 1/2 inch hex
– Total length of bolt body: 1.45 inch
– Lead length: 6 inch
– Connector type: Pin
– Compatible with all engine monitors. (ALCOR, GEM, Gemini, JPI, EDM, AuRACLE, etcetera…)

*Torque is not to exceed 110-inch pounds.
*For use in tension applications only.
*Install for maximum thread engagement.
*Use only aluminum or steel flat washers or spacers. Do not use lock washers, tooth washers, or stainless steel washers.

Conversion Notes

May require TCS2598 for connector conversion.

Old Part Number

TAS104-230, TT02636-230/50, TAS75-230, TT02623-230/50, TT02638-230/50, TAS76-230, TAS76M-230, TE02623-230/50, TE02624-230/50, TE02626-230/50, TE02627-230/50



USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

PMA-Subcomponent (YES)

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