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Threaded Heat Element – Dual Probe – K Type Grounded – RED/YEL (TAS100T-K)

The 2630 series heat elements are designed for installation in the thermocouple well (CHT, bayonet style) on TCM Continental and Lycoming cylinders and has a K type thermocouple that is for use with a grounded engine monitor.
The wires for the thermocouple that are used are Red and Yellow. These Red and Yellow wire colors match industry standards for K type thermocouples.
These dual probe heat element replacement parts are used with a complete Tanis preheat system.

Included with this replacement element is one TU02876, “Anti-Seize 2 Gram Pillow Pack”

– 50 Watt
– 115 Volt
– K type grounded thermocouple
– Thermocouple connection: industry standard ring style terminals.
– Material: Brass
– Threaded area: 3/8-24 UNF-2A x 0.44inch
– Shank length: 1.30 inch
– Head: 1/2 inch hex
– Total length of bolt body: 1.74 inch
– Lead length: 6 inch
– Connector type: Socket
– Useable as thermocouple probe with a variety of engine monitors, including: JPI and EDM. (Reference manufactures documentation on type needed)

*Torque is not to exceed 35-inch pounds.
*For use in thermocouple wells only.

Conversion Notes

To use new element on old harness you may need to convert harness with TCP2598 per instruction TN02594.


piggy back cht, Dual probe


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USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

PMA-Subcomponent (YES)

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