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Threaded Heat Element – Dual Probe – J Type Grounded – RED/WHT or BLK/YEL (TAS100T-J)

The 2630 series heat elements are designed for installation in the thermocouple well (CHT, bayonet style) on TCM Continental and Lycoming cylinders and has a J type thermocouple that is for use with a grounded engine monitor.
The wires for the thermocouple that are used are Red and White. These Red and White wire colors match industry standards for J type thermo couples.
There is an older Military version of the color standard for J type thermocouple that uses Black and yellow, this thermo couple is compatible with that as well.
These dual probe heat element replacement parts are used with a complete Tanis preheat system.

Included with this replacement element is one TU02876, “Anti-Seize 2 Gram Pillow Pack”

– 50 Watt
– 230 Volt
– J type grounded thermocouple
– Thermocouple connection: industry standard ring style terminals.
– Material: Brass
– Threaded area: 3/8-24 UNF-2A x 0.44inch
– Shank length: 1.30 inch
– Head: 1/2 inch hex
– Total length of bolt body: 1.74 inch
– Lead length: 6 inch
– Connector type: Socket
– Useable as a piggyback thermocouple with a variety of engine monitors, including: ALCOR, Insight, GEM, Gemini, and AuRACLE . (Reference manufactures documentation on type needed)

*Torque is not to exceed 35-inch pounds.
*For use in thermocouple wells only.

Conversion Notes

To use new element on old harness you may need to convert harness with TCP2598 per instruction TN02594.

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USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

PMA-Subcomponent (YES)

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