Engine Manufacturer:

Price: $360.00

Battery Heat Element – 38.5 x 4 (TAS203)

Battery Heat Element with pin connector

Belt length: 38.5 inch
Belt height: 4 inch
Voltage: 115 Volt
Wattage: 74 Watts

This belt heat element works with the batteries listed below:

Battery MFG Battery P/N Alt P/N TB02645-07, Required
Concord RG-380E/40B   No
Concord RG-380E/40K   No
Concord RG-380E/40KS   No
Concord RG-380E/40L   No
Concord RG-380E/40LS   No
Concord RG-380E/44   No
Concord RG-380E/44K   No
Concord RG-380E/44KS   No
Concord RG-380E/44L   No
Concord RG-380E/44LS   No
Concord RG-380E/46   No
Concord RG-380E/46K   No
Concord RG-380E/46KS   No
Concord RG-380E/46L   No
Concord RG-380E/46LS   No
Concord RG-380E/60B   No
Concord RG-380E/60F   No
Concord RG-380E/60K   No
Concord RG-380E/60KS   No
Concord RG-380E/60L   No
Concord RG-380E/60LS   No
Concord RG-365A   No
Concord RG-365B   No
Concord RG-365E   No
Concord RG-41 No
Concord RG-441   Yes
Concord RG-442   Yes
Concord RG-76   Yes
Concord RG-214   Yes
Concord RG-224   Yes
Concord CB24-3150   No
Concord CB24-380C   No
Concord CB24-380E   No
Concord RG-235   No
Saft 1201   No
Saft 12101   No
Saft 1811CH1   No
Saft 20108   No
Saft 20108-1   No
Saft 20VO23KH   No
Saft 20VO23KHB   No
Saft 2325VX2   No
Saft 23390   No
Saft 23578   No
Saft 2506   No
Saft 2506A-2   Yes
Saft 26108   No
Saft 26108-1   No
Saft 26108-2   No
Saft 26108-6   No
Saft 2708-2   No
Saft 27178-2   No
Saft 2726CH1   No
Saft 27308-1   Yes
Saft 27378   No
Saft 27478   No
Saft 2758   No
Saft 340CD-1   No
Saft 3759-2   No
Saft 40108-1   No
Saft 40109-1   Yes
Saft 401176-9   No
Saft 40118   Yes
Saft 40118-1   Yes
Saft 40118-2   Yes
Saft 40176-4   No
Saft 40176-7   No
Saft 40178-24   No
Saft 40178-26   No
Saft 40179   No
Saft 4017CH-3   No
Saft 40308-1   Yes
Saft 40308-5   Yes
Saft 4037CH   No
Saft 4050A1   No
Saft 4059   No
Saft 405CH   No
Saft 405CH10   No
Saft 405CH23   No
Saft 40678-2   No
Saft 4076-10   No
Saft 4076-23   No
Saft 4076-5   No
Saft 4078-14   No
Saft 4078-17   No
Saft 4078-2   No
Saft 4078-22   No
Saft 4078-24   No
Saft 4078-3   No
Saft 4078-4   No
Saft 4078-7   No
Saft 4078-8   No
Saft 4079-5   No
Saft 409CH2   No
Saft 4318CH24   No
Saft 43BO34RB30   No
Saft 441CH1   Yes
Saft 442CH1   Yes
Saft 447CH7   No
Saft 4579   No
Saft 4608-1   Yes
Saft 5015CH3   Yes
Saft 505CH   Yes
Saft 505CH2   Yes
Saft 5103   No
Saft 5317CH-1   No
Saft 5319CH1   No
Saft 5347CH1   No
Saft 539CH1   Yes
Saft 539CH-2   No
Saft A278CH2   No
Saft A5025CH1   Yes
Saft A5025CH2   No
Saft A530CH1   Yes
Marathon CA-31N 19076-002 Yes 2
Gill 7638-36   No
Gill 7638-44   No
Gill G-6381C   No
Gill G-6381E   No
Gill G-6381E   No
Gill G-88   No
Gill GE-50C   No
Gill GE-50E   No
Gill M83769/1-1   No
Gill M83769/5-1   No
Gill M83769/6-1 No
Conversion Notes

May require TCS2598 connector kit for conversion.


PN 9914058-11

Old Part Number

TAS203, TB02648-38-115/74



USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

PMA-Subcomponent (YES)

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