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Price: $285.00

Battery Heat Element – 31.5 x 4 (TAS202) w/pin connector

Battery Heat Element with pin connector

Belt length: 31.5 inch
Belt height: 4 inch
Voltage: 115 Volt
Wattage: 60 Watts

This belt heat element works with the batteries listed below:

Battery MFG Battery P/N Alt P/N TB02645-07, Required Notes
Concord RG-390E   No  
Concord RG-445C   Yes  
Concord RG-445E   Yes  
Concord RG-350   No  
Concord RG-355   Yes double cable ties 
Concord RG-407   Yes  
Concord RG-427   Yes  
Concord RG24-17   No  
Concord RG24-20   No  
Concord CB24-40E   No  
Concord RG-641   No  
Concord RG-325   No  
Concord RG-390E/25   No  
Saft 151CH1   No  
Saft 151CH2   No  
Saft 15890-1   No QTY 2 
Saft 16556-1   No  
Saft 1708-1   Yes  
Saft 23180   No  
Saft 23186   No  
Saft 23396   No  
Saft 2376-5   No  
Saft 4025CH1   No  
Saft 43B034LB03   No  
Saft 605A   Yes  
Saft 605B   Yes  
Saft 612   Yes  
Marathon ATCA-21H 29486-001 Yes  
Marathon ATSP-44 30978-002  Yes  
Marathon BTCA-5-20 29094-002 Yes  
Marathon BTMA-5 29360-001 Yes  
Marathon BTMA-5-20 29630-002 Yes  
Marathon BTSP-400 30441-001 Yes  
Marathon BTSP-4445L 32248-001 Yes  
Marathon CA-91-20 29206-001 Yes  
Marathon CA-103 27662-002 Yes  
Marathon CA-106 28684-001  Yes  
Marathon CA-154-1 28656-002 No  
Marathon CA-154-2   28695-001 No  
Marathon CA-376 29490-001 Yes  
Marathon CA-900A 29767-001  No  
Marathon M3-44-1 32663-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-44-7 32824-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-44-8 32845-001  Yes  
Marathon M3-44-9  32848-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-44-15 32890-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-44-22 33204-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-44-24  33250-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-44-25  33275-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-44-27 33204-002 Yes  
Marathon M3-54-1  32536-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-54-2  33033-001 Yes  
Marathon M3-460L-1  31006-004 Yes  
Marathon M3-460L-1A  31006-006 Yes  
Marathon M3-460L-2  31006-005 Yes  
Marathon M3X-23-1  32955-002 Yes  
Marathon M3X-33-4 33181-004 Yes  
Marathon M3X-54-1  33183-001  Yes  
Marathon MA-300H  18241-001 Yes  
Marathon SP-170A  30554-001C Yes  
Marathon SP-376  30596-001 Yes  
Marathon SP-747  30874-001 No  
Marathon SP-900A  30130-001 No  
Marathon STSP-930  30464-001 No  
Marathon TCA-21H-1  28855-001 Yes  
Marathon TCA-21H-20  29345-001 Yes  
Marathon TCA-106  29097-001 No  
Marathon TSP-46-1  32669-001 Yes  
Marathon TSP-280  30986-001 Yes  
Marathon TSP-283 31908-001 Yes  
Marathon TSP-414  31921-002 Yes  
Marathon TSP-434  31233-001 Yes  
Marathon TSP-442 31714-001 Yes  
Marathon TSTSP-940 31092-001 Yes  
Marathon UTSP-400  31006-002  Yes  
Gill 7639-27   No  
Gill 7639-34   No  
Gill 7641-20   No  
Gill G-244   No  
Gill G-245   No  
Gill G-246   No  
Gill G-247   No  
Gill G-639C   No  
Gill G-639E   No  
Gill G-641   No  
Gill GE-51C   No  
Gill GE-51E   No  
Gill M83769/2-1   No  
Gill M83769/4-1   No  

**May work with additional batteries as well. Verify perimeter measurement.

Conversion Notes

May require TCS2598 connector kit for conversion.


7639-30 S43241

Old Part Number

TAS202, TB02646-31-115/60



USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

PMA-Subcomponent (YES)

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