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Price: $37.00

Circular Plug Bracket (Lycoming)

Circular Plug Bracket (4 cyl Lycoming) for long oil filler tubes (over 6 inches).

May also be used on supports and engine mounts.

There are a few Continental engines that can possibly use this mount as well as long as they have long oil fill tubes.

Hose or other mounting spacing material may be required and sold separately.

Includes plug bracket, clamps, TU03076-05R, and TU03145.


Conversion Notes


Old Part Number


USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

PMA-Subcomponent (YES)

Engines known to be compatible with

A-50-1, A-50-2, A-50-3, A-50-4, A-50-4J, A-50-5, A-50-5J, A-50-6, A-50-6J, A-50-7, A-50-7J, A-50-8, A-50-8J, A-50-9, A-50-9J, A-65-1, A-65-12, A-65-12F, A-65-12FJ, A-65-12J, A-65-14, A-65-14F, A-65-14FJ, A-65-14J, A-65-3, A-65-6, A-65-6J, A-65-7, A-65-8, (O-170-3), (O-170-7), A-65-8F, A-65-8FJ, A-65-8J, A-65-9, (O-170-5), A-65-9F, A-65-9FJ, A-65-9J, A75-3, A75-6, A75-6J, A75-8, A75-8F, A75-8FJ, A75-8J, A75-9, A75-9J, C75-12, C75-12B, C75-12BF, C75-12BFH, C75-12F, C75-12FH, C75-12FHJ, C75-12FJ, C75-12J, C75-15, C75-15F, C75-8, C75-8F, C75-8FH, C75-8FHJ, C75-8FJ, C75-8J, C85-12, C85-12F, C85-12FH, C85-12FHJ, C85-12FJ, C85-12J, C85-14F, C85-15, C85-15F, C85-8, C85-8F, C85-8FHJ, C85-8FJ, C85-8J, C90-12F, C90-12FH, C90-12FJ, C90-12FP, C90-14F, C90-14FH, C90-14FJ, C90-16F, C90-8F, C90-8FJ, O-200-A, O-200-B, O-200-C, O-200-D, O-200-X, IO-346-A, IO-346-B, A-80-5J, A-80-8, A-80-8J, A-80-9, A-80-9J, O-233-A1, O-235, O-235-A, O-235-AP, O-235-B, O-235-BP, O-235-C, O-235-C1, O-235-C1A, O-235-C1B, O-235-C1C, O-235-C2A, O-235-C2B, O-235-C2C, O-235-E1, O-235-E1B, O-235-E2A, O-235-E2B, O-235-F1, O-235-F1B, O-235-F2A, O-235-F2B, O-235-G1, O-235-G1B, O-235-G2A, O-235-G2B, O-235-H2C, O-235-J2A, O-235-J2B, O-235-K2A, O-235-K2B, O-235-K2C, O-235-L2A, O-235-L2C, O-235-M1, O-235-M2C, O-235-M3C, O-235-N2A, O-235-N2C, O-235-P1, O-235-P2A, O-235-P2C, O-235-P3C, O-320-A1A, O-320-A1B, O-320-A2A, O-320-A2B, O-320-A2C, O-320-A2D, O-320-A3A, O-320-A3B, O-320-A3C, O-320-B1A, O-320-B1B, O-320-B2A, O-320-B2B, O-320-B2C, O-320-B2D, O-320-B2E, O-320-B3A, O-320-B3B, O-320-B3C, O-320-C1A, O-320-C1B, O-320-C2A, O-320-C2B, O-320-C2C, O-320-C3A, O-320-C3B, O-320-C3C, O-320-D1A, O-320-D1B, O-320-D1C, O-320-D1D, O-320-D1F, O-320-D2A, O-320-D2B, O-320-D2C, O-320-D2F, O-320-D2G, O-320-D2H, O-320-D2J, O-320-D3G, O-320-E1A, O-320-E1B, O-320-E1C, O-320-E1F, O-320-E1J, O-320-E2A, O-320-E2B, O-320-E2C, O-320-E2D, O-320-E2F, O-320-E2G, O-320-E2H, O-320-E3D, O-320-E3H, IO-320-A1A, IO-320-A2A, IO-320-B1A, IO-320-B1B, IO-320-B1C, IO-320-B1D, IO-320-B1E, IO-320-B2A, IO-320-C1A, IO-320-C1B, IO-320-D1A, IO-320-D1B, IO-320-D1C, IO-320-E1A, IO-320-E1B, IO-320-E2A, IO-320-E2B, IO-320-F1A, LIO-320-B1A, LIO-320-C1A, AEIO-320-D1B, AEIO-320-D2B, AEIO-320-E1A, AEIO-320-E1B, AEIO-320-E2A, AEIO-320-E2B, AIO-320-A1A, AIO-320-A1B, AIO-320-A2A, AIO-320-A2B, AIO-320-B1B, AIO-320-C1B, O-340-A1A, O-340-A2A, O-340-B1A, O-360-A1A, O-360-A1AD, O-360-A1C, O-360-A1D, O-360-A1F, O-360-A1F6, O-360-A1F6D, O-360-A1G, O-360-A1G6, O-360-A1G6D, O-360-A1H, O-360-A1H6, O-360-A1LD, O-360-A1P, O-360-A2A, O-360-A2D, O-360-A2E, O-360-A2F, O-360-A2G, O-360-A2H, O-360-A3A, O-360-A3AD, O-360-A3D, O-360-A4A, O-360-A4AD, O-360-A4D, O-360-A4G, O-360-A4J, O-360-A4K, O-360-A4M, O-360-A4N, O-360-A4P, O-360-A5AD, O-360-B1A, O-360-B1B, O-360-B2A, O-360-B2B, O-360-B2C, O-360-C1A, O-360-C1C, O-360-C1E, O-360-C1F, O-360-C1G, O-360-C2A, O-360-C2B, O-360-C2C, O-360-C2D, O-360-C2E, O-360-C4F, O-360-C4P, O-360-D1A, O-360-D2A, O-360-D2B, O-360-E1A6D, O-360-E1AD, O-360-E1BD, O-360-E2AD, O-360-E2BD, O-360-F1A6, O-360-G1A6, O-360-J2A, LO-360-A1G6D, LO-360-A1H6, LO-360-E1A6D, LO-360-E1AD, LO-360-E1BD, LO-360-E2AD, LO-360-E2BD, AEIO-360-A1D, AEIO-360-A1E, AEIO-360-A1E6, AEIO-360-A2A, AEIO-360-A2B, AEIO-360-A2C, AEIO-360-B1B, AEIO-360-B1D, AEIO-360-B1F, AEIO-360-B1F6, AEIO-360-B1G6, AEIO-360-B1H, AEIO-360-B2F, AEIO-360-B2F6, AEIO-360-B4A, AEIO-360-H1A, AEIO-360-H1B, AIO-360-A1A, AIO-360-A1B, AIO-360-A2A, AIO-360-A2B, AIO-360-B1B, HIO-360-A1A, HIO-360-A1B, HIO-360-B1A, HIO-360-B1B, HIO-360-C1A, HIO-360-C1B, HIO-360-D1A, HIO-360-E1AD, HIO-360-E1BD, HIO-360-F1AD, HIO-360-G1A, IO-360-A1A, IO-360-A1B, IO-360-A1B6, IO-360-A1B6D, IO-360-A1C, IO-360-A1D, IO-360-A1D6, IO-360-A1D6D, IO-360-A2A, IO-360-A2B, IO-360-A2C, IO-360-A3B6, IO-360-A3B6D, IO-360-A3D6D, IO-360-B1A, IO-360-B1B, IO-360-B1C, IO-360-B1D, IO-360-B1E, IO-360-B1F, IO-360-B1F6, IO-360-B1G6, IO-360-B2E, IO-360-B2F, IO-360-B2F6, IO-360-B4A, IO-360-C1A, IO-360-C1B, IO-360-C1C, IO-360-C1C6, IO-360-C1D6, IO-360-C1E6, IO-360-C1E6D, IO-360-C1F, IO-360-C1G6, IO-360-D1A, IO-360-E1A, IO-360-F1A, IO-360-J1A6D, IO-360-J1AD, IO-360-K2A, IO-360-L2A, IO-360-M1A, IO-360-M1B, LHIO-360-C1A, LHIO-360-C1B, LHIO-360-F1AD, LIO-360-C1E6, LIO-360-M1A, TO-360-A1A6D, TO-360-C1A6D, TO-360-E1A6D, TO-360-F1A6D, LTO-360-A1A6D, LTO-360-E1A6D, AEIO-390-A1A6, AEIO-390-A1B6, AEIO-390-A3A6, AEIO-390-A3B6, IO-390-C1A6, IO-390-C3A6, IO-390-C1B6, IO-390-C3B6, TIO-540-AJ1A,

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