Engine Manufacturer: Lycoming

Price: $3,375.00

Fixed Wing Preheat Kit GA8 Series – 230V

Fixed Wing Preheat Kit for a Mahindra (GippsAero) Airvan GA8 Series

This preheat kit contains threaded heat elements located in each cylinder assembly, two pad heat elements for on the engine crankcase/oil sump/oil tank, one threaded element in the rear of the engine, Battery heat, and two Avionics/Cabin Heaters. This multipoint configuration fully preheats the engine, battery, cabin, and avionics. Power is routed to the elements through a dedicated wiring assembly with LED system power indication and circuit overload protection standard. The system is self-regulating through design. Heated components reach an average state of thermal equilibrium in approximately six hours.

This preheat kit is compatible with all engine monitor systems as the threaded heat elements can replace either a rocker cover screw or intake bolt fasteners.

This preheat kit when installed will supply 630 watts to the engine with a 2.7 amp draw at 230 volts. When the battery and Avionics heaters are also included you get 1182 watts at 5.1 amps at 230 volts.

The kit maybe installed in conjunction with GippsAero Service Bulletin SB-GA8-2015-160 or independent of SB.

* Required Bonding sealant sold separately. Quantity 1, PN: TU02788

Cylinder Piston/Radial



6 CYL LYC: IO-540-K1A5, TIO-540-AH1A

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USA-Cert (8130-3 available)

PMA kit (Yes)

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