Partnered with Bruce’s Custom Covers to complement our Preheat System Offerings. 

Years ago, when Bob Krueger purchased the assets of Tanis Aircraft Products he saw growth potential in the company’s long-standing relationship with Bruce’s Custom Covers.  Since 1974 Tanis had produced custom aircraft covers in-house and had often utilized the resources of Bruce’s to supplement their product offerings. In 2011 in a bold move to grow the company, Krueger transitioned production of insulated covers to Bruce’s. This decision consolidated the knowledge and skills of both companies allowing Tanis to focus on its core competency of delivers the industry’s leading aircraft preheat systems. This relationship continues under the leadership of Tanis’ current CEO, Mr. Doug Evink.

Insulated covers enhance the performance of the Tanis electric preheat system by reducing warm-up times and prolonging the application of heat in extreme cold conditions. Insulated covers are available for: engine cowlings, propeller and spinner, fuselage, canopy, wings, and tail surfaces, and cowl plugs. These custom fitted covers are designed to, among other things, maintain heat in the engine compartment and provide protection from frost and ice build-up.

Krueger commented on the partnership, “Bruce’s Custom Covers is well known for its fitted covers providing a “best-fit” solution especially when compared to “universal-style” covers. Form fitting ensures protection where the cover contacts an aircraft, reducing wear from friction and allowing it to stay put I the high winds or gusts.” He added, “We have learned that proper fit is responsible for maintaining optimum protection. This is particularly important when it comes to thermal protection and the efficiency of an aircraft preheater.”

While Tanis has invested y ears of experience in cover manufacturing, Bruce’s is equally recognized for pushing the technological advancement of cover design. Bruce’s has invested in computer-assisted design methods and is on the leading edge of materials design and manufacturing processes.

Tanis’ top 3 reasons to preheat and cover:

1. Preheating and aircraft covers are “hand in glove” essentials for aircraft operators.

2. A proper cover increases the efficiency of a preheat system.

3. An insulated cover can keep an aircraft engine warm for several hours during layovers.

The combined forces of Tanis Aircraft Products and Bruce’s Custom Covers bring to aircraft operators a comprehensive line of preheat and protective covering solutions.  Tanis’ partnership with Bruce’s delivers improved fit and the incorporation of technological advancements in materials and processes. Tanis preheat customers will enjoy the benefits of a custom –fitted cover from Bruce’s.


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