Everything Tanis was absolutely fabulous on my flight (www.polarflight90.com ) from Alaska to the North Pole. From the engine preheat system, to the battery preheat system, to the cowl-prop-blade covers, to the "toaster cover" for my Honda generator; I could not have been more pleased! I am very grateful. Many many thanks, 

Art Mortvedt, 2013 Polar Flight 90

We ONLY supply aircraft with Tanis heaters, both in house and customer aircraft. We own several Cessna 172s, a Cessna 421, and a Cessna 162. All of them have a Tanis on them. We love your company!! 

Scott Trumbull - Suburban Aviation

We have a lot of customers with your products – including our personal planes. Great heater systems and really like the smaller size harness you have now. We’ll continue to use and promote your products to our customers.

Nathan Howard, Chena Marina Air Service, Fairbanks

Michael Wiskus - Air Show Performer

Thank you for checking in on us here at E.T. Mechanical (FAA Certified Repair Station). Just to let you know, we are very familiar with the Tanis line of products and do recommend them to our customers who need pre-heating options. Unfortunately for Tanis, here in Oklahoma, we don't experience very long periods of extreme old weather. So the requests for pre-heating options are few and far between. But for those customers who want to go at a moment’s notice even during the colder time of the year, we do recommend Tanis products. We've always had really good luck with them. Thanks,

Andy Wyatt, Chief Inspector - E.T. Mechanical, LLC

We do enjoy the benefits of the Tanis heaters in our fleet and will continue add them to new acquisitions as we bring them into our fleet. Classic Helicopters Limited, LLC (www.classicaviation.netWoods Cross, Utah


Orin A. 'Spike' Kinghorn, Director of Operations

I have been installing Tanis products since 1999 when I got into aviation. I think they are the best system out there. Since starting my own company 4 years ago (www.delcourtaviation.com) in Fairbanks Alaska, we have been installing their product. We recommend them exclusively to our customers. We put one of the first kits ever on the Quest Kodiak when it first came out. I will continue to promote your product in without hesitation. Thanks for a great product.

David Delcourt, Delcourt Aviation Inc.

Here at Brown Flying School Inc. (www.brownflyingschool.com) in Terre Haute, IN, we are proud users of the Tanis Heater products. Without your products, we would not have the winter time productivity that we enjoy now. We always recommend your products to our customers that are based in the field. In short, when I run through my stock on hand, I will re-order. Thanks So Much!

Ryan Reeves, Brown Flying School

Richland Aviation Inc is a full service FBO located in Sidney, MT (www.richlandaviation.com). We offer charter services, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft fueling. Our fleet consists of Cessna 402s, 404s, 310s and 340s for charter and freight services. We operate in extreme cold weather conditions and need to count on our engines starting- we count on Tanis. We don’t get paid if we can’t start – we’re able to start because of Tanis Preheat. Tanis Preheat is the only preheat system we use or recommend to our customers because it heats the entire engine. Their customer service and engineering departments always provide us with professional attention to detail. They have the experience and in depth knowledge of what is required to make cold climate operations safer, prolong the engine life of our fleet and saves our company money by reducing run up times. Tanis is by far superior to any other preheat system we know.

Brian Volbrecht, Parts Manager

I installed and operated your system on an O-470 while operating in Alaska for over 10 years. Our cutoff was -35F, your system never let us down in over 3000 flying hours and two overhauls on that engine. Thanks again for your amazing product and superior customer service.

Troy Dunn, Pilot

Install a Tanis heater and I'll warranty my work to TBO!  Bolduc Aviation Specialized Services, a leading midwest engine rebuilder in Blaine, Minnesota - Anoka County (Janes Field) Airport

Darrell Bolduc, Bolduc Aviation

As for the Tanis cylinder system, it deserves the reputation it enjoys. It's well made, effective and remains a favored choice in cold country, where preheat from an electrically robust system is an absolute must. Mechanics we've spoken to speak highly of Tanis design.


Aviation Consumer, March 2001

The best-known multipoint electric preheating systems come from Tanis Aircraft. We do not recommend cheaper electric systems that heat only the oil pan. As you now know, heating the cylinders and case is absolutely essential. Read the entire article at www.avweb.com.

Mike Busch, Editor-in-Chief of AVweb

The Tanis Preheat System is safe, reliable, easy to install and most of all, it is a preheat system that provides you with an investment that you will not regret later!


Sky-Tractor Supply, Hillsboro, ND

George Tamlin, Keaau, Hawaii

I operate a North Wing Sport XTC weight-shift-control trike in Hilo, Hawaii. The Tanis preheat system allows me to remove harmful condensation from my engine and delivers smooth and reliable engine performance.

George Tamlin, Keaau, Hawaii

We have Tanis systems installed in all our aircraft and love them.

Lori Egge, Sky Trekking Alaska

Jerry Brown, Flying Adventures Magazine

I was fortunate to have a strong tailwind that assisted me in reaching the airport with a non-event landing. My mechanic said the engine failure problem was caused by lack of lubricating oil due to improper preheating. This engine had just 380 hours since overhaul. During engine rebuild my mechanic insisted that I install a preheating system and recommended the Tanis brand. I followed his recommendation and have been extremely pleased with the Tanis heater.

This failure happened to me back in the mid 1980s and I have installed Tanis heaters on each aircraft owned thereafter. I currently use the Tanis TAS 100 on my IO-360. I use this system from Fall to Spring, which is generally October to April. The Tanis heater is very economical to use, so I keep it plugged in 24/7. My electric bill cost to keep my engine properly heated in an unheated hangar is approximately just $12.60 month. I now have the piece of mind that my engine is properly heated and ready for operation.

I have over 20 years of experience with Tanis engine heaters and have had 100% reliability with your equipment. Furthermore, I have not experienced any problems associated with cold weather operation and I strongly recommend to all aircraft owners that they consider using your products.

Jerry Brown, Flying Adventures Magazine